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We at NewNet 66 are quite aware of the trust that you place in us. Part of that trust is that our services will execute their purpose reliably, robustly, and accurately. Another part of that trust is in our formal business relationship. We collect certain information about our schools and the people we deal with. We realize the responsibility that comes with this information. This page describes our policy regarding personal data.

Information we collect

NewNet 66 collects contact and/or billing information when you make a purchase from us or are a member of one of our mailing lists. Since we do not sell any services on line we do not collect information from our web servers about trends our users have.

How we use this information we do collect

With that one exception, NewNet 66 will never sell, rent, trade, or otherwise exchange your contact information with any outside organization or governmental body, except as required by law.

How can I get off your email list?

NewNet 66 will honor your request not to receive e-mail from our list serv. Simply send a message to us.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.



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