NewNet 66 is a Not For Profit Interlocal Cooperative

NewNet 66 is a Not For Profit Interlocal Cooperative (body corporate) organized under the authority of Oklahoma Statute, Title 74, Sections 1001-1008. The members of our board of directors are either current active school board members from our founding school districts, or appointees by the individual school boards. It is because of this that we can partner with ISPs and bring you, our family of schools, a faster, higher quality level of network service and support than you can receive being thrown into the impersonal world of traditional ISP services.

NewNet 66, begun as a consortium of four Northeastern Oklahoma school districts, has become one of the most technically advanced educational networks in the state of Oklahoma providing many critical services to our family of schools. NewNet 66 experienced tremendous growth over the last several years and currently serves over 95 Oklahoma School Districts. Like historic Route 66, known for transporting people endless miles across the nation, NewNet 66 is also a means of transportation: the transportation of educational data, the moving of ideas from one place to the next, and the medium of conveyance for a technology-enhanced education. Whether downloaded from the home, presented in the classroom, or accessed on the go from a laptop computer, a quality education need never be out of reach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NewNet 66?
NewNet 66 is a Not for Profit Interlocal Cooperative organized under the authority of the Oklahoma Statute, Title 74, Sections 1001-1008. The founding school districts are Catoosa, Claremore, and Verdigris.
Where does NewNet 66 get it's funding?
NewNet 66 does not receive any State or Federal funding. The revenue we receive comes from the school districts we serve.
Who do we call if our Internet goes down?
Call any staff member at NewNet 66 and we'll address the outage promptly. Since NewNet 66 monitors all school district Internet links for outages we most often know about an outage before the school does.
Do I need new router hardware if I upgrade my Internet bandwidth?
That depends on what your existing hardware is. Over the last few years many school districts have upgraded their bandwidth requiring a new router which was, in many cases, is over seven years old. The safe bet is to call NewNet 66. We can provide suggestions on hardware and often times save the school district money. NewNet 66 does not sell hardware but can suggest solutions and options that fit your school district's requirements.

Who is the upstream internet provider for NewNet 66?

AT&T, Cox Communications, Windstream and Meet Point Netwoerks are the Internet providers for NewNet 66 schools. Currently we have Gigabit Internet links to AT&T, Cox, and Windstream providing plenty of Internet bandwidth for all of our schools. We do not oversubscribe our network.

Is the NewNet 66 network secure?

NewNet 66 has implemented many secure solutions that watch over our schools and all of the devices on our network. Well managed Juniper routers, switches, traditional firewalls, and Next Generation Firewalls from PaloAlto are examples of our security hardened devices. At the core of our network we stop over two million inbound attacks per day by the bad guys. We also watch for exploits sourcing from our schools destined for the Internet and report those to our schools.



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