NewNet 66 supports PaloAlto Firewall products in our school districts. Below is general information which is helpful in maintaining your PaloAlto firewall. NewNet 66 will continue to add additional content which will focus on the specific needs of our schools.



Latest Software Version

Helpful Web Links. (if your school district has a PaloAlto Firewall you need these links)

PaloAlto Home Page

Applipedia (look up application definitions)

Submit an Application to PaloAllto

URL Lookup (look up a URL to see what category it is in)

Country Codes (Full list of country codes)

Applications You Need Should Be Aware Of

  • Audio Streaming Applications (http Port 80)
    94 K PDF
  • Email Applications
    147 K PDF
  • File Sharing Applications
    319 K PDF
  • Gaming Applications (http Port 80)
    94 K PDF
  • Photo Video Applications (http Port 80)
    160 K PDF
  • Proxy Applications
    98 K PDF
  • Remote Access Applications (http Port 80)
    86 K PDF
  • Social Networking Applications (http Port 80)
    160 K PDF

PaloAlto How To Documents

  • Getting License Information about your PaloAlto Device
    This PDF shows how to get the license start and expiration dates for URL, Threat, and Annual Maintenance. 350 K PDF
  • Conserving bandwidth using your PaloAlto Device.
    This PDF shows how QoS rate shaping can limit bandwidth usage by application.
    110 K PDF
  • Backing up your PaloAlto Device Configuration. (updated 2.28.12)
    How to backup the current running configuration on your Pan.
    193 K PDF
  • Upgrading the Paloalto Device Software.
    How to upgrade the software on your Pan.
    370 k PDF
  • Using the Application Command Center (ACC).
    How to use the ACC to identify apps that are hogging bandwidth and more.
    188 K PDF
  • Response Pages - Changing the web page your users see when your Pan blocks a URL or blocks other events.
    147 K PDF
  • Global Report (Tech Day)
    This example report shows details information about your traffic.
    400k PDF
  • Configuring your Pan for Layer 3 routing. (Tech Day 2011)
    1.9 Meg PDF
  • Configuring QOS or Rate Shaping. (Tech Day 2011)
    176k PDF
  • Understanding NAT (Tech Day 2011)
    1.4 Meg PDF

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