Network Security

Network Security has become a very important part of the K12 environment requiring everyone to be knowledgeable of threats and how to avoid them.

This area offers subjects designed to educate Technical Staff members and Teachers about network threats. Choose a subject from the pull down menu above to get started.

NewNet 66 devotes many resources to secure our network insuring a safe environment for our schools. Protecting our schools from the Bad Guys is our most important goal. Below are screen captures from our Next Generation PaloAlto Networks firewall which sits at the head end or our network. This device watches 'all' traffic exiting or entering our network.

NewNet 66 has prepared a two part project detailing the threat landscape as it applies to K-12 today. This two part project is certainly thought provoking and generates many questions. The documents provide a global overview of both Internet threats and Internet applications used in the K-12 environment today.


Top 10 Applications used by our schools during a 12 hour period.


Top 10 Threats NewNet 66 stopped from entering our Network during a 12 hour period.


Some organizations will be a target regardless of what they do,
but most become a target
because of what they do.